In the beginning 
I and my son nigel started the line in about 1989. The peco track was supported by treated timber. With blocks either side, and infilled with ballest. Built at a section at a time. It took us three days to dig the pond. In fact we nearly chopped through the water main doing it. It's not changed a lot over the years, except were now adding a siding behind the pond. And laying 45mm along with the 32. And i joined the 16mm ngm. The best thing i ever first loco was a battery simplex kit from 2nd hand stall at quebridge garden rail day. This was followed by a 2nd hand roundhouse meths lady Ann.  My stock consisted of binnie skips and brand bright coaches. 
The line unfortunately lives under some very large oak there's lots of leaves. Service delayed by leaves on the line.
over the years the wood foundation has rotted.  So we're now in the process on concreting the whole of the line. It's makes it much easier to keep the line clear, just by using a broome. 
It's only a small line but visitors are always welcome to run.
Bob & nigel
[email protected] 
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